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Description & Prices

Choose your path with a coaching partnership to help you explore and reach goals in any of the following…

~Behavioral, Mental, & Emotional Wellbeing 

~Life Coaching

~Accessible Health, Fitness, and Wellness

~Meditation or Mind-Body Therapeutics

~Interpersonal Relationships

~Holistic Wellness Plan Development (Eastern and Western medicine integration)

~Thriving with Marginalized Identity, Chronic Illness, Disability, Trauma, or Neurodivergence

     Whether you feel lost and unsure of where to start untangling your needs, or you’re already driven and need an assist at making some goals happen, we're happy to embark on this journey with you to embody the changes you need to see to make your dream life a reality. You might just have a few daily habits to change, or maybe you want to explore challenges in your life that encompass a high level of emotional intensity. Either way, we’re happy to hold space for you and find a way forward.

     Our intake gathers extensive information to whatever capacity you feel comfortable and called to share, with considerations to full-life wellness including emotional, mental, physical, social, socioeconomic, (optionally) spiritual, self-identity, world-view, and environmental factors. 

     We'll walk with you instead of for you on this journey, and invite you to come as little or as often as you need. Throughout this process, you'll be able to gain self trust, insight, empowerment, and strengthen your sense of self, connection, and direction. Usually coaching takes some consistency at first, but our goal is for the results in each area of focus to become self-sustaining.

     Whether you're in need of completely judgment-free support and listening, experiencing a difficulty, feeling lost or overwhelmed, need assistance navigating healthcare systems, need an overhaul of daily functional systems, or simply want to dig deeper to know yourself better, we’re honored to hear your unique needs in this moment.


     If you haven't already, please click the link at the bottom of this description to learn more about what a coaching session looks like, similarities and differences between coaching and therapy, answers to FAQs about trauma, mental illness, finances, and more.


30 minutes..... $30

60 minutes..... $60

Virtual and in-person options available. 

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