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Prenatal Massage LGBTQIA+ Safe Space

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Description & Prices

     Welcoming and celebrating all gender identities experiencing pregnancy, this is a safe space to treat yourself for bringing life into the world. Expecting parents can take a step back from stress, and enjoy the benefits of physical relaxation for parent and child. Comfortable positioning with bolsters and pillows is provided to give your little one plenty of space during the session.   

Safety notice: 

Please also let us know ahead of time if your pregnancy has any complications (such as preeclampsia). Some complications may make massage unsafe. We'll go over your individual medical history before your session to make sure you're safe to proceed.   

Regular Rates 

60 minutes…..$90 

90 minutes.....$120  

First Visit Rates 

60 minutes…..$72 

90 minutes.....$96  

See the Save Money page for more discounts, memberships, and savings options.

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