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Soleful Therapeutics Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Service

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Description & Prices

     Alleviating the effects of diabetes, this service uses: Herbal soaks and circulatory techniques, reflexology and acupoints to help balance the body and nervous system, myofascial techniques to increase healing space for nerves affected by neuropathy, himalayan hot salt stones, a foot scrub, paraffin treatments, and therapeutic herbal cream to finish the massage.  

     For many individuals, this treatment can reduce symptoms of neuropathy, improve soft tissue health, reduce flakiness, and aid in sleep quality, as neuropathy often strikes in the evening and prevents quality sleep.  But please note that this does not replace a physician's care and oversight. Wounds and nails must be treated at a podiatrist's office, and it is highly recommended that those with diabetic neuropathy get regular medical exams and nail trims as well.   

Regular Rates: 

45 minutes..... $65  

First Visit Rates: 

45 minutes..... $52

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